Tamara is...

A marketer needs to be creative. Thankfully she's got that covered! Check out Tamara's portfolio for examples.

Tamara enjoys...

During the summer, Tamara's days off will find her camping somewhere in the B.C. wilderness. The more secluded, the better!

Tamara loves to...

Skiing is Tamara's true passion. She loves the sport! Tamara will always make it a priority during the winter months.

Tamara has...

She is driven and passionate about what she does. If Tamara is tasked with something, she will get it done to the best of her ability, if it's the last thing she does!

Tamara enjoys...

She may be driven, but Tamara also knows how to relax. There's nothing like a lazy beach day after a game of tennis!

Tamara is a...

School may have shaped her, but Tamara's passion for marketing came prior to the schooling. This is what she was meant to do.

Tamara Renwick - Marketing Consultant in Vancouver, BC

Tamara Renwick, Marketing Consultant in Vancouver, BC

If Tamara were to sum up her life in one word, it would be “maximize”, as this is what she strives to do with every opportunity that comes her way. And so when she was presented with the opportunity to return to school, she approached this experience in the very same way. She joined both the BCITMA and Enactus BCIT during her first year at BCIT. For her second year, Tamara committed to being Project Manager for the Enactus BCIT Legion Project, a committee within Enactus that benefits Canadian veterans.

Tamara's passions

Tamara's passion is skiing; it is the one thing that could distract her from her studies if she were to allow it to. When the winter ends, Tamara's spare time finds her hiking, camping, and playing tennis.

Tamara's dream job, you ask??

Tamara's dream job after completing her schooling would be to land a marketing management position with a ski company, or for a ski resort. With this end in mind, Tamara intends to complete the BBA program at BCIT, as she feels this will give her the competitive advantage she needs to succeed.

Want to know more?

Navigate Tamara's website to find out more about her. Her blog will give you a bit of insight into her experiences with Enactus BCIT, among other things. You can read up on Tamara's education or experience on this site, or download a pdf of Tamara's resume. Or, contact Tamara directly and she would be happy to answer your questions.